School Reopening Page FAQ

When is the first day of school for all students

  • FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 
    • Instructional Orientation
      • All students will 
        • Reconnect to their school community
        • Learn the health and safety procedures
        • Check technical connectivity
        • Have wellness checks with their teachers and guidance staff
  • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 
    • Students in Grades K-5 will begin Full-Day teaching and learning REMOTELY.
    • In-Person Learning Begins for 3K & Pre-K ONLY*according to students’ specific schedules—check to see if your child should report on Mondays
  • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2020
    • In-person learning begins for kindergarten through 5th grade students ONLY *according to students’ specific schedules—check yours to see if you should report on Mondays

Which Blended Learning Model is PS 63 using for the 2020-2021 school year?

PS 63 will be using the 2B Blended Learning Model. PS 63 will have 3 in person cohorts (A, B, C or Red, Green, Blue) and 1 group of students that have elected to be remote only. Cohort A (Red) will always be in school on Wednesdays. Cohort B (Green) will always be in school on Thursdays. Cohort C (Blue) will always be in school on Fridays. Mondays and Tuesdays will alternate. Please refer to the school calendar for those changes.

Is it a full day of school?

Yes. School hours will be 8:30AM until 2:00 PM. There will be staggered arrival and dismissal times by grade level. Please see arrival and dismissal times below.

How many students will be in each class?

While maintaining social distancing guidelines put forth by the CDC, NY Dept. of Health and the NYCDOE we have determined that the vast majority of our classrooms can safely accommodate 10 students and 1 teacher. Some of our larger classrooms can hold more and some of the smaller classrooms can hold less.

When will I find out my child’s schedule?

Families that selected blended learning were mailed a color postcard with their child’s group assignment, class number, and schedule the week of August 24th. Please bring this postcard with you on the first day your child is scheduled for in person instruction. If you DID NOT receive a postcard, please contact Ms. Taraby our parent coordinator at or (646) 481-6755. If you signed up for 100% remote learning, teachers will contact you with your child’s class codes and instructions beginning September 8th.

Does this schedule apply to students in Special Education or small class settings?


If I chose Blended Learning and I change my mind, can I still keep my child home for Remote?

Yes. You can always opt into remote only learning by filling out the Learning. Preference Survey.

If I chose Remote Learning and decide I’d rather send my child in for Blended Learning can I just send them to school?

No. There will be dates for parents to decide to send their children to school throughout the year. Only on those dates can you change from Remote only to blended learning. The first date of switching to Blended Learning will be in November 2020.

What online learning platform will my child be using this school year?

P.S. 63 will be using Google Classroom as our learning platform this school year.

Is COVID-19 testing mandatory for my child?

Beginning October 1st and reoccurring each month, mandatory testing in schools will begin with random sample of 10-20% of a schools’s staff and student population. If you do not wish to have your child tested you MUST apply for full remote. This is a policy order from the Mayor and Chancellor and does not come from the school. If you DO NOT wish to have your child tested you will need to apply for Full REMOTE.  More guidance is forthcoming from the Chancellor.

If families are opting into 100% remote learning, use this link to do so.